Gas Technician

Our gas technicians are amongst the highest paid in our industry. Our technicians receive a high rate of pay because they are highly skilled and are continuously trained in this evolving industry.

Hourly work

  • Our total packages range for each classification
Gas Technician 3

*Total package $27.62 to $40.50

GP Certificate

*Total package $33.80 to $57.29

Gas Technician 2

*Total package $34.90 to $58.52

Gas Technician 1

*Total Package $48.06 to $60.99

*Rates vary by accumulated hours of experience

Piece work/Incentive based program

Our piece work/incentive based program gives our workers a potential to earn a higher rate of pay which would allow them to exceed the hourly rate.

Standard house

Commonly used rates:

  • Gas piping and venting a standard house up to 2” venting for furnace and hot water tank
    • $259.59

Extras in addition to Standard house

  • Double venting any appliance: $54.52 in addition to standard house
  • 3” double venting any appliance: $59.86 in addition to double venting
  • Rough-in gas line for stove or dryer: $65.37 per line
  • Any exterior gas piping in excess of 5 ft: $42.41
  • Any gas piping through a garage: $49.91

For more information please contact Local 285

Toronto: 416-630-1160

Toll free: 1-888-630-0285

Ottawa: 613-729-0830

Fax: 416-630-2846



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